You are Welcome

“Business – being busy, doing commercially viable and profitable work”: that is the official definition of what is commonly meant by doing “sales”.

Selling is common – everybody has experienced the challenge of selling something in his/her life: a car, a house, an object…Buying and selling is a popular children’s game, like hide-and-seek or tag and chase.Selling is one of the oldest professions in the world: merchants delivered messages, not only goods, and thus they usually were expected with joy. Sales evoke emotions: from the initial excitement “How will I ever manage…?” to the final triumphe “Wow, I did it!” or the delusion if you do not conclude.
It’s part of the game and can happen sometimes! Selling means moving. Nowadays, the trip can even be virtual, but there still has to be the move towards the customer. The meeting happens in a place: the market place – the real or the imaginary one, wherever the deal will take place. “Frontiers” are not simply a couple of borderlines: They are, above all, “the farthermost limits of knowledge or
achievement in a particular subject” (Free Merriam Webster Dictionary). They separate cultures from each other. Globalisation and the opening of the markets move these frontiers and thus offer a great opportunity for widening horizons. To achieve all the advantages of this change, you have to find the right position in a new world and in new market places “beyond frontiers”.